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Possible Corfu Offshore Wind Farm

Offshore Wind Farm - Corfu: Plans have been drawn and survey teams have been sent to Corfu's north coast for a possible offshore wind farm directly off the coast of San Stefanos. While Spain, Italy and Greece have taken steps to "Go Green" there has been considerable opposition from local communities, especially areas where tourism is the main source of income.

While the final decision has not been made on the future of the proposed Corfu wind farm, there have been several local organizations that have voiced opposition to the project. Their
website can be found here and their facebook page can be found here. In addition, there is also a petition people can sign on the groups main page and many tourists that have been coming to Corfu for years have already sign up.

Corfu Carbon Monoxide Posioning Trial

Twelve people went on trial on February 4 regarding the carbon monoxide poisoning of two British children at a luxury hotel in Corfu. Seven-year-old Christianne Shepherd and her 6-year-old brother Robert were found dead in October 2006 in their bungalow at the island’s Corcyra Beach Hotel. Their father, Neil Shepherd, and his partner Ruth-Emy Beatson were found unconscious but made a full recovery. Twelve people, including two British nationals who worked for the Thomas Cook tour operator, have been charged with negligent manslaughter and causing injury by negligence. Some also have been charged with violating building codes. The case was being heard in a misdemeanour court in Corfu.

Water Quality In Greece

The European Commission's (EEA) report on the quality of bathing waters in Greece, indicated that 97.7% complied with EU standards. More than 2,000 Greek beaches were tested as part of the survey. We are glad to hear that Corfu has passed with flying colors and we’re sure the quality will only get better with time and the wide spread expansion of sewer systems that are being completed all over Corfu. Read the whole report by clicking here: EU Water Report 2009


Romanza Villa - San Stefanos

Just this week, we have added a stunning Villa to our possible accommodations for summer 2010 and it is amazing in every aspect. Over-looking the bay of San Stefanos (Agios Stefanos) and will all the luxury services you might expect: heated swimming pool, steam room, master bath, lounge and the list goes on and on. Go and have a look for yourself, you’ll love it...

Villas on Corfu are becoming inexpensive alternatives to package holidays, especially if can book with another couple or with some friends. With the same amount of money, you can live in a gorgeous villa and live like kings for a week or two, who doesn’t want that. If you’d like info regarding Villas on Corfu or accommodations, please contact by clicking here...


North Corfu Taxi - New Baby!

Our close friends over at North Corfu Taxi have just added a new car to their fleet. here is what they wrote on their blog:

“To start the new summer holiday season, we have added a new baby to our fleet. No, not an actual baby but a new Mercedes E-Class 250 CDI taxi!! Our order has gone through and we should be delivered in the 2nd week of May, giving us enough time to brake it in before the Summer 2010 madness. What does this mean for you? Well, this means that not only will you be arriving in paradise but you’ll also be transported to your resort in style.

We strongly believe in providing the best service available and part of providing that form of excellence is updating our fleet of cars. Not only does this provide safety and reliability for our customers but it also means we can keep providing the best service possible. Summer 2010 looks like it’s shaping up to be one kool summer.”

So if you’re looking for an airport taxi transfer this holiday season to anywhere on Corfu, either e-mail us and book or book directly with North Corfu Taxi. Start your holiday right and get to your holiday resort in style with for summer 2010.


Summer 2010 Countdown!!

It’s that time again!! The countdown to Summer begins and we think 2010 will be a stunning holiday season. has put together some fantastic Flights - Apartments - Airport Transfer and Beaches to make your holiday, from start to finish, amazing. As we thaw out of winter, let’s at least start thinking about the summer Sun and the golden sandy beaches of Corfu. Whether you want to go to Sidari, Roda, Acharavi, Kassiopi, San Stefanos or Agios Georgios - we can help you plan your holiday right.


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