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Corfu Car Hire: Let Corfubyu provide you with the safest, newest, cheapest and most reliable cars on Corfu. Renting a car on Corfu is easy with Corfubyu.

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Corfu Car Hire: One of the best aspects of being on holiday is having the freedom to go where you want, any time you want and there is no better way of achieving this then by renting a car.
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Going on bus tours or boat trips is great but for the person that wants the freedom and flexibility of planning their own trip - Car Hire is the way to go. Especially for families that have young children, being stuck on a bus is not the best thing for the little ones to experience.
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Sidari and Northern Corfu have so many car hire business that sometimes, in early and late season, you can even rent a car for 20€ a day! Additionally, almost always, this price includes unlimited miles and insurance, so you can't really go wrong there. Explore Corfu in a relaxing and enjoyable way - by renting or hiring a car by one of Corfu's most responsible
car companies.

Places To Visit By Car Hire On Corfu

Kassiopi: One of the most beautiful towns to visit on Corfu is the harbor town of Corfu. Crystal clear water and yummy food can be found in abundance in kassiopi.
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By renting a car getting to Kassiopi is easy as the main road leading into the town is very wide and well maintained. Check it out!
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Sidari: The Biggest town on the North coast of Corfu is Sidari and it has some of the most stunning natural locations. From Canal D' Amour to Drasti, Sidari has everything one might need when going on a driving adventure - even nightlife.
Arillas: Arguably one of the best swimming location on all of Corfu with its aqua-crystal water, Arillas is a must see.
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Located along Corfu's Northern coast, Arillas can be reached by following the winding road that exits Sidari and twists West along the sea.
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Maybe the most well known location on Corfu, besides Corfu Town, once you see the harbor town, you instantly realize why this is the case. Stunning water and white sand, cruise your convertable into Paleo's beautiful town. From Sidari, Paleokastritsa is about 30min drive.
Booking: Interested in renting or booking a car on your next trip to Corfu? Like planning ahead and making sure all your trips are scheduled? Let Corfubyu book or provide you with all the information you might need in order to have a great time this summer season in a brand new rental car. Simply by Emailing us or filling out our
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booking or contact form, we will be able to respond to you quickly with anything you might need. Please remember that you will need a valid European drivers license to rent a car on Corfu - this is the law. If you forget, some rental companies will allow you to use a faxed over copy of your license to rent but it is no guarantee. If you have any additional questions, please Email us by clicking here.

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